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TALES FROM THE INTERNET | The Mystery of the Missing Socks
SLOP: The Podcast

SLOP: The Podcast

Skipper Parvo is all about radical wellness and fringe self-care. Eavesdrop on this socialite-turned-founder//CEO of SLOP in her soul-expanding conversations, as Skipper colors outside the lines of conventional science and medicine with trail-blazing renegades challenging archaic archetypes and exploring unorthodox ideologies. Each week, Skipper will unpack alternative healing modalities for the mind, body and spirit, chatting with holistic doctors, shamans, fecal transplant therapists, entrepreneurs, astrologers, astrocartographers, life coaches, child rage coaches, crystal dildo designers, pet psychics, plant conductors, DNA decoders, manifestation advisors, religion inventors, spirit guides, celebrities, certified anal steamers, erectile dysfunction whisperers, heroes fighting on the front lines of orgasm equality, authors, athletes and actual witches... all in pursuit of finding meaning in our present incarnation and unleashing our truest self. Subscribe to embark on your journey to Spiritually Living Outside Preconceptions. Created By: Annie and Tony Cavalero Starring: Annie Cavalero as Skipper Parvo Tim Baltz as Dr. Calvin Rainer Kirkbirch Jordan Black as Truck Watkins Matt Hobby as Damien Torcht Lazarus Mary Grill as Evangeline Falcoon Cass Bugge as Beatrice De Leon De Voovoozuela Sheila Carrasco as Laura Garten Directed by: Tony Cavalero Editing, Graphics, and Sound Design by: Andy Mogren Cinematography by: Dominic Lopez Sound by: Bobby Vonghom HMU by: Veronica Sinclair UPM: Brandon Gunter Special Thanks to: Laura Baria, Murry Baria, Dominique Calvillo, Danielle Schoenberg, and Nicole Garcia. This podcast is a parody and for entertainment purposes only, created by Annie and Tony Cavalero and featuring a different guest comedian each week in this series of improvised faux interviews. All content is not, nor is intended to be, a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should never be relied upon for specific medical advice."
Worst Infomercial Ever!!!

Worst Infomercial Ever!!!

A silly little infomercial. Enjoy! TWEET DIS: SUBSRCIBE! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: DIRECTED/EDITED BY: ANDY MOGREN SUBSCRIBE TO ANDY! STARRING: IAN GARY & TONY CAVALERO WRITTEN BY: TONY CAVALERO & SIMCHA LEVENBERG Purchase at iTunes - Amazon MP3: Amazon DVD: Matisyahu has released his new live CD/DVD Live at Stubb's Vol. II, available in stores and online in three formats: CD, DVD with documentary footage and a Deluxe Edition, which includes the CD/DVD, a 40-page booklet featuring an exclusive letter from Matisyahu, never-before-seen notes and song lyrics and incredible photos chronicling the recording of Live at Stubb's Vol. II and other amazing performances from the past three years. Five years after creating an indelible mark on the U.S. musical consciousness with the release of his groundbreaking original live album, Live at Stubb's, Matisyahu returned to the famed Austin, TX, venue last August with his band the Dub Trio for an unforgettable live music experience. Showcasing his impressive artistic evolution and incredible vibrancy on stage, this raw and inspiring musical journey was captured in the form of Live at Stubb's Vol. II -- a rare and sure-to-be-treasured time capsule for the magic that happened in Austin that night.
Werewolf In A Girls Sorority
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