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Andy Mogren

Award Winning Video Producer/Director/Writer/Editor/Animator

As a filmmaker over the last 15 years I have worked as everything from a production assistant to an Emmy nominated producer/director/animator/editor/ writer. I have designed digital billboards in Times Square, edited comedy sketches, movie trailers, tons of promos, developed and created shows with over 300 million combined views on YouTube working with top talent like The Annoying OrangeSmoshRocketJumpThe Groundlings Theatre & School, Funny or Die, Donut Media, The ValleyfolkScreenJunkies, and many more.

I created the series "Son of a Pitch" for CBS in 2008 and would make 18 episodes (6 in stereoscopic 3D) earning a Telly award and an International 3D Society Award nomination.

I have edited and animated over 50 episodes of the infotainment series "Epic How To" and I've animated over 40 episodes of "The Annoying Orange: Storytime".

Below is a compilation of commercials, original shows, edited comedy sketches, documentaries, movie trailers, tons of promos, jumbotrons, unique short films like "Bear Force One" & "Terrordactyl: Extintion USA". 

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